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Integrated Marketing Communication: The Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra

Project Brief:
Utilizing the skills taught for an Integrated Marketing Communication, create a plan for a local business in Boulder given the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Create a final plan and present the findings and recommendations to the company. 

For this project, my team was assigned to the Boudler Philharmonic Orchestra. 

IMC Process: 
The process began with primary research for the Orchestra as well as research on how the pandemic has impacted the entertainement industry, especially for smaller groups or organizations. After conducting primary research, we conducted interviews with members of the organization to hear their primary concerns in order to begin shaping a plan for specific recommendations. 

Following our primary research, we began to shape our brand. For branding, our team settled on "Quintet Advertising Agency" and I created a custom logo for our company that would later appear on any documents or collateral.

We started the consulting portion of the report with an in-depth Situation and SWOT analysis. This allowed for our team to be able to understand the company as a whole as well as the industry they are in. We primarily analyzed their company through the music and entertainment industry in Boulder, Colorado because that is where they are focused on making their comapy excel. 

Following the Situation and SWOT analysis, we also reported on the company's target market through a Target Market and Proposed Communications Objectives report. This report allowed our team to fully understand the target market of the Orchestra and how the company could be more impactful in reaching that specific audience. This report detailed target personas and also analyzed the enviroments in which their target personas are. It also explained any marketing strategies that the company was using previous to our recommendations and what other marketing efforts may be useful for the company in order to find success. 

The project concluded with an in-depth presentation to the Orchestra on our findings and recommendations and a detailed report that included an executive summary, creative brief, SWOT analysis, marketing and communications objectives, target audience and buyer personas, and recommended marketing deliverables. The report concluded with the scheduling and measurement of the media mix that we recommended as well as a budget and budget allocation for the company to understand what financials would be involved in the roll-out of our recommended plan.

The full plan which is inclusive of all the mentioned components can be found above by clicking the white button. 



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