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Monibrand Final Presentation- Consulting Project
Paris, France


Project Brief


The purpose of this consulting project was to conduct research throughout a 5 month period regarding a small startup in Paris, France called Monibrand. The startup deals with the regulation of internet advertisements in hopes of directing internet traffic to their clients. They do this using keyword regulation and an in-depth understanding of IP laws in France. 

Through extensive meetings with the CEO of the company, research on potential competitors and the market, and potential clients, our goal was to develop multiple recommendations on how the company may achieve their goal: Expansion into other countries, specifically the United States, and the creation of a greater depth of consumer loyalty and market awareness. 

The Process


The process began with an introductory video call with the owner of Monibrand to get a deep understanding of what he was looking for from us as we began researching the market and the service that Monibrand offers. As our research continued, we undertook a series of deliverables such as a Stakeholder Assessment, a Channel Factory Research Analysis , Proposed Solutions, Key Questions, a SWOT Analysis, an Executive Summary, and finally, a presentation in PowerPoint which is pictured in the gallery slides above. 

The Result


This project allowed for my team and I to concisely deliver a semesters-worth of research and recommendations to the CEO of Monibrand in approximately 20 minutes. With the challenge of a slight language barrier, it was important for us to keep the PowerPoint clean, easy to read and understand, and succinct so that it could be returned to at later times and without the need for us to have to explain it. 

Monibrand took into account many ofour suggestions and through research of IP laws in different countries, event planning, and modifications to their mission statement, they were able to expand their efforts throughout other parts of Europe. 

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