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Freelance Project: Vintage Skiier Oil Painting

The Process: 

Aside from school and work projects, I often like to unleash my creativity typically in the form of painting. In high school, I was lucky enough to be offered an oil painting class in which I learned the basics of oil to paint ratios, proportions when drawing, planning an oil painting, and how to effectively use oil paints and oils. I have previous experience painting but never with oil paints, so once I learned this new technique, I was introduced to a whole new world of color on canvas. 

I began the painting by roughly sketching the skiier based on a reference photo. I did this using a grid and proportion techniques. I then sealed the pencil with a spray sealant, did a color wash on the canvas to prepare it for new color, and began the process of mixing colors, layering paints, and touching up areas until I got it to a point I was happy with. 

The Medium: 

Oil Paints

The Result:


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