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Summer 2022

Marketing Design and Development Intern

CCIG Insurance Group

Greenwood Village, Colorado

  • Actively participated in day-to-day planning and objective creation to ensure the cohesivity and high-level implementation of marketing collateral and marketing initiatives for the target audience of CCIG. 

  • Led the development of a company-wide PowerPoint master deck to demonstrate a cohesive workplace to current and prospective clients. 

  • Collaborated with and presented to company executives weekly to better understand the goals of the marketing department and to assist in marketing collateral for client meetings.  

  • Assisted in planning and operating sponsored and non-sponsored events with current clients and current partners of CCIG to uphold positive current relationships and create positive potential relationships.

  • Designed collateral for sponsored events, client meetings, and internal presentations using Microsoft Office and the Adobe Suite.

Summer 2021

Finance and Marketing Intern

Schultze Asset Management LP

Rye Brook, New York

  • Developed master lists of 13,000 potential clients in major cities across the United States for marketing outreach alongside the Managing Director and Head of Business Development

  • Aided in the introduction and development of Salesforce as a database for the firm to begin utilizing immediately

  • Studied the Puerto Rican debt crisis, specifically how the amount of debt was accumulated, the allocation of the debt stack, Puerto Rican demographics, and the debt restructuring plan that is currently being implemented in Puerto Rico

  • Utilized research to create and present a final report of findings about the Puerto Rican debt crisis, giving recommendations of how the firm should proceed, given their specific business in Puerto Rico

  • Participated in weekly meetings, presentations, and client outreach calls for the future development of Schultze Asset Management

May 2019 - January 2020

Sales Associate

Finish Line Inc. 

Lone Tree, Colorado

  • Assisted an average of 50 customers daily in finding and selecting items as well as making recommendations based on extensive knowledge and research about types of shoes, generating an average of $3k in revenue per day

  • Maintained accurate and appealing displays and easily able to stock, replenish, and organize inventory in the stockroom

  • Achieved an average of 110% of daily sales goals for each month working

  • Created positive customer service experiences each day, satisfying customers and giving proper recommendations by listening to specific needs customers were looking to satisfy


August 2019 - May 2023


Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration- Double Emphasis in Finance and Marketing

Minor in Creative Technology and Design

I am a graduate at the University of Colorado Boulder, enrolled in the Leeds School of Business. I a degree in Business Administration with a double-emphasis in Marketing and Finance as well as a minor in Creative Technology and Design. Within Leeds I was a  part of the Deans Leadership Fellows Program, a selective group for top achieving students within the business school. 

Boulder, Colorado

Professional Skillset

Complex Problem Solving

Attention to Detail

Teamwork & Collaboration

Data Research and Analysis

Efficiency and Time Management

Ideation and Design Thinking

Program Utilization

Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Photoshop, XD, Illustrator, Indesign, Dimension

SalesForce, Wordpress (Beginner in both)

Github, VS Code, Python


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