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Final Design Project: Perfect Match Hot Sauce Mockup

Project Brief:
With the intention of seeing design skills through the utilization of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dimension and any other programs you may find useful, create a food or drink product that you believe depicts you as a person. Create a moodboard, a content page, die-cut and final mockup for your item. Your product must creatively tell the viewer things about you. Think of it as a resume through use of a product. Everything myst be original work.

Report Process: 
The process began with the creation of a moodboard in order to determine styles, colors, and other packaging inspiration that I found inspiring. I used pinterest for this and was able to find many examples of packaging and different font combinations and styles that inspired me. The moodboard from the project is shown below. 

After creating my moodboard, I decided that I was going to create a hot sauce called "Perfect Match". The reason behind this name was because I wanted something that would be able to enhance all kinds of different things. I wanted to do a hot sauce because I feel that I am slightly firey with a sweet kick at the end. Much like hot sauce, I like to add my flair to everything that I do and find that putting a personal touch on things tends to make them more intriguing. I also wanted to do a hot sauce to demonstrate that I value team work. Hot sauce is typically only able to showcase its true potential when paired alongside something else. 

Next, I created a content page. This page shows my color palette as well as anything else that would appear on the bottle or the box. This is soemthing that I spent the most time on and would continuously come back to given that the design was constantly changing. 

After creating the content page, I began laying out the content on a label diecut. For this project, I also decided to create a box and therefore created a box diecut as well. Going into this project, I had a specific vision of how the bottle itself would look and part of that vision was for the label to have a paper-like texture. This texture can be seen on the diecuts as well as the final mockups. The label diecut is shown below. Check out the full pdf above to see the box and content page. 

The part to this project was to utilize Adobe Dimension to create a final mockup for the diecuts. For this I was able to place the label on a glass bottle that I envisioned my hot sauce in. I placed that next to the box mockup and placed it in a background that made sense for the product. The final mockup can be seen below and another view of the product can be viewed in the downloadable PDF at the top. 



Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 2.31.20 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 2.37.10 PM.png
Front View Hot Sauce.png
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